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Why Rondo will be an All Star this year.

Looking at the preseason a Celtics fan can not help, but get excited.  The Celtics new big man Rasheed Wallace is rebounding, playing down low, still showing range, and seems happy to be on board. Garnett appears to be healthy and ready to impose his will on the opposing team. Pierce looks in shape and ready to score when needed. Ray Allen looks in mid season form and his shot is timeless. Baby Davis looks in better shape and his shot has carried into this year. Eddie House is still hot. Daniels looks like he is fitting in. Heck, even Giddens looks better. However, in my mind the story is Rondo. Rondo looks in shape and looks like he did a little work on his jumper. If he gets that 12 to 15 footer down, then this team is a lock for a Finals appearance. The man in my mind will get it done this year for three reasons.

1. Last Year's Playoffs.  The man took it to a new level in the Chicago series and showed he could be a star nearly averaging a triple double. He got injured and it slowed him in the next series, but he was still effective against the Magic.  The man's confidence is soaring. He looks early on like he is going to call his own number at times and score some points with his speed. This will lead to easier shots for teammates with his great passing. Also I believe he looks at the injury as a call to get in better shape and be stronger because he looks more ripped then last year.

2. The Contract.  The  motivation is there. He wants to be a Max contract guy. He has all the talent to do it. He is Chris Paul fast, Deron Williams moves to the hoop, Steve Nash like passing, and Jason Kidd Like rebounding and defense. The man has the talent to be a top three point guard. Does he have the drive and desire to improve and be that guy that can run the offense and get his shot to drop to win games. In this preseason the answer by his body shape and more willingness to shoot the jumper is a resounding yes. The guy is in much better shape and has shown a willingness to take his shot when there. The man has seriously worked on his game.

3. The Talent Around Him. To have a team with Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Sheed, and a bench with guys that can make a shot takes a lot of pressure off a young point guard. There will be no doubles on him and if anything there will be open looks that he will be able to exploit. If he is one on one, there are not too many guys that can keep up with him on a drive to the hoop. The man has plenty of options on the pass with Pierce, Allen, Garnett, and the rest of team green. The assists will be there. With the concern of keeping Sheed,, Perk, and KG off the boards he will get his rebounds too. The team will make him that much better. 

As a young point guard this being his fourth year he should flourish. Four years smarter and motivated this will be Rondo's introduction to star level.

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Banner 18 the quest begins.

The quest for Banner 18 is in its very infancy. Preseason not even starting, but there is a buzz that I did not feel last year.  The 09 team did not get better then the 08 team.  If anything with the loss of James Posey, they got worse. However, this year they got a lot better. There is that buzz of 08 back and there is no championship hang over this year. Instead there is a clear mission capable of coming to fruition because the parts are there. This 2010 team has added size, scoring and defense off the bench in Daniels and Sheed. This will keep the starters fresh and should keep them healthy. Before the Garnett injury they were playing all right and still kneck and Kneck with Cleveland without a solid bench. Now with Daniels, Baby, Sheed, and House off the Bench this team is dangerous.  I truly feel only injury can stop them and I view that as unlikely with the ability to ration minutes now.  However, here are the main threats to the Celtics title hopes and where I rank them.

1.  LA Lakers.  The defending Champs got better with Artest. You got Kobe Bryant, Farmar or Fisher, Gasol, and Bynum, to go with Walton and Odam.  I will be interested to see how the starting fives and bench matchup during the regular and hopefully post season.

. San Antonio Spurs.  Deep team. Duncan, Parker, Ginobli, Jefferson, Mason Jr, Mc Dyess, Finley, Bonner, Hill, and even Ratliff. They can matchup and create mismatches on anyone.

3. Orlando Magic.  Even if the Vince Carter experiment does not work they still can use Jameer off the pick to try to replace Hedo. They have the best big man in Dwight Howard and a lights out shooter in Rashard Lewis. They added Bench size and scoring.  They will be a tough series for anyone.

4.Cleveland Cavs.  LeBron James is a true Beast. However, I do not like the Shaq trade. He is old and slow on Defense. I also do not like the fact they did not get a great running mate for him. ( Shaq or Mo Williams are not that guy. Solid, but neither should be the number two). Delonte West is a head case and it is starting to rear it's ugly head. However, despite all this the team won 66 games last year through James's will.  With him they are capable of winning any series.

5.Dallas Mavericks.
Dirk is a great scorer and will again carry the load.  Kidd still has life left. Marion and Howard provide added scoring punch and length on D.  Terry, Dampier, Barea, Thomas, and Gooden are great role players.  However, I do not like Gooden. There is a reason the man despite solid stats wears out his welcome and is traded so much.  If the team commits itself to Rick Carisle's D, they wiill make some noise come playoff time.

6.Portland Trailblazers. 
This team is my team to take the next step.  Brandon Roy is a future superstar, if not already. LaMarcus Aldridge is a great running mate for Roy that can score from anywhere.  Greg Oden should emerge as the presence in the middle defensively that they envisioned. Andre Miller will take the PG Heat off Roy.  Outlaw, Blake,Fernandez, and Webster are solid role players. If the team can buy into McMillan's Defense, they will be formidable come playoff time.

7. Denver Nuggets.  Any team with Chauncey Billups is going to contend.  The man just wins period. Carmelo Anthony is just begining to scratch the surface of his tremendous talent. Nene is developing into a decent Center.  Kenyon Martin brings toughness. Jr. Smith and Chris Andersen bring energy to the offense and defense. Ty Lawson should be a decent rookie back up learning from Billups is a great oppertunity. However, the team sometimes does not play in control of their emotions and that hurts the team come playoff time.

Posted on: September 11, 2009 10:00 pm

Jordan's Coming Out Party.

But he did circle back to his 63 points against the Celtics in the 1986 playoffs, a performance that inspired Larry Bird to proclaim, "I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan." That expression of appreciation and acceptance from one of his contemporaries, Jordan said, propelled him.

"Up to that point, there were so many media guys saying, 'Yeah, he's good, but he's not in the same class as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird,'" Jordan said. "And here in that game, I earned Larry Bird's respect. And to me, that said I was on the right track to becoming a better basketball player. ... He gave me the type of confidence that I needed at that level from a player. That to me was the biggest compliment I had at that particular time.

"After the so-called freeze-out [at the 1985 All-Star Game] and a lot of other things and a lot of competitive jealousies within the league," Jordan said, "coming from him, that said I was doing the right things on the basketball court."

It amazes me how one moment can truly be the catipult to great things.  Being from Boston, I always wondered how much this moment meant to Jordan.  I mean I remember being captivated at this young man dropping otherworldly shots against the vaunted Celtics Defense and being floored. It was awe inspiring. Nobody did that to the 86 Celtics.  I know what it meant to me.

Then I heard him speak these words. You truly realize the grip the man has on the way people viewed him, history of the game, and his place now.  The Freeze out by Zeke Thomas( Isiah Jealous of another talent? Does not sound like him, Right?) Bird was never a guy that was warm to the opposition, but he knew the greatness he witnessed and I guess knew the feeling on Jordan and gave him a friendly rub.  People forget Jordan was viewed early on as a guy that scored, played D, but was not a winner or a team player. He would swallow the ball and keep shooting.  People saw his stats and looked for a way to rip him. After that moment, it was O.k. to like Mike. It was all of a sudden understood he did not have much a team around him and he needed to shoot. When he got better players around him he differed a little making him that much more dangerous.  However, I wonder with his psychie wounded and confidense slightly being questioned, would he have spring boarded himself if Larry had not opened his mouth with kind words.  I believe he would have found his moment eventualy.  Cream rises to the top, but I believe it is cool that Larry Legend did have a role in the evolution of Jordan. 
It also makes me think of current players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James playing in the shadow of Jordan like jordan lurked in the shadows of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  Will the future be as kind to them as it was to Mike?  Probably not because Jordan's image is that of the unstoppable force with his six rings, gold medals, MVPs, and persona of I am the guy that is winning Period!  Kobe has the titles and is the closest thing to Jordan, but he still does not give me the aura of invincibility like Jordan did. ( that might also be because the 08 Celtics drubbed his team I can not see Jordan losing like Kobe did in game six. Ever). Lebron has not turned into a winner, yet and I wonder if Cleveland will ever surround him with the right talent.  Bottom line there is only One Michael Jordan. There never will be one quite like him and in 1986 maybe Larry was the first to really see and comment on it from a players perspective.  Score another one for Bird. 
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The Under Rated and Forgotten Point Guard.

There are a ton of players out there that were great, not superstars, but good to great.   I am going to throw out a few names and feel free to add a point guard I am not writing. I think sometimes a guy hangs on and that is the person they remember.

Mark Price.  Great shooter and smart player. Got All Star nods, but never seemed to get the credit he deserved.

Tim Hardaway. Before he was branded a racist he was a top five point guard.  However, people seem to have forgotten the high scoring Point Guard. 

Muggsy Bougues  The man played 14 years.  That has to count for something.

Rod Strickland  If he was not a cancer the man would have been an elite PG.  He was smart and could shoot. However, he was too me me.

Sherman Douglas Some solid years in Miami and when Boston was terrible his floater in the lane was sometimes the only high light in the games I would have.

Kevin Johnson.   Yes KJ was a star, but people forget he was the engine of that Suns offense not Barkley.  Barkley was the knockout punch, but he got Thunder Dan his open threes.

Terry Porter.  The man could score and ran great offenses in Portland.

Charlie Ward.   Never made a lot of mistakes and knew when to take his shot.

Nick Van Excel.   Instant offense.  He could score and he always killed my Celtics.

Terell Brandon.  He was great till he got seriously hurt and was never the same guy.

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The West

With the season opening here are my preseason ratings of the West.  After the top two, there is some uncertainty to where teams will finish. A lot of question marks into how these teams will shake out.

1. LA Lakers.  The starting five is one of the best units out there. Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Bynum, and Fisher are perfect for the triangle.  Artest brings the physical defensive versatility they have not had.  This will help when they match up with teams like the Spurs and Celtics.  The bench with Odom, Walton, Farmer, and Vujacic  play great in the triangle and matchup well against most benches. They play great D, great offense, and are well coached.  The West will roll through LA.

2. San Antonio Spurs.  Easily the deepest team. The core of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili is great.  Add Richard Jefferson's solid D and offense and they got a lot better. Mason Jr, Mc Dyess, Finley, Bonner, Hill, and even Ratliff and this team is loaded defensively and offensively. Coach Popovich is a great disipline caoch and they rarely beat themselves. If anybody unseats LA this is the team.

3. Portland Trailblazers.  This team is my team to take the next step.  Brandon Roy is a future superstar, if not already. LaMarcus Aldridge is a great running mate for Roy that can score from anywhere.  Greg Oden should emerge as the presence in the middle defensively that they envisioned. Andre Miller will take the PG Heat off Roy.  Outlaw, Blake,Fernandez, and Webster are solid role players. If the team can buy into McMillan's Defense, they will be formidable come playoff time.

4. Denver Nuggets.  Any team with Chauncey Billups is going to contend.  The man just wins period. Carmelo Anthony is just begining to scratch the surface of his tremendous talent. Nene is developing into a decent Center.  Kenyon Martin brings toughness. Jr. Smith and Chris Andersen bring energy to the offense and defense. Ty Lawson should be a decent rookie back up learning from Billups is a great oppertunity. However, the team sometimes does not play in control of their emotions and that hurts the team come playoff time.

5. Dallas Mavericks.  Dirk is a great scorer and will again carry the load.  Kidd still has life left. Marion and Howard provide added scoring punch and length on D.  Terry, Dampier, Barea, Thomas, and Gooden are great role players.  However, I do not like Gooden. There is a reason the man despite solid stats wears out his welcome and is traded so much.  If the team commits itself to Rick Carisle's D, they wiill make some noise come playoff time.

6. New Orleans Hornets.  Chris Paul is the best PG in the NBA.  The man running the offense is an artist. David West is a great scoring partner for Paul. Emeka Okafor should thrive with Paul and West around him.  He also brings an upgrade in defensive presence.  I love Posey off the Bench bring his intangibles.  Peja Stojakovic can still shoot he open jumper and stretch Defenses.  However, the bench is a little weak and I wonder what the almost salary dumping moves from last year effect the team.

7. Utah Jazz.   Deron Williams and Boozer are a great one two punch. Paul Millsap is a tough solid player.  Kirilinko with his head straight is a great sixth man.  Okur, Brewer, Koufos, and Harpring bring size and solid bench play.  Will Boozer not be traded will decide if this is a playoff team or not.

8. Houston Rockets.   Will T Mac be here and healthy the whole year? With him the team may not have enough to make up for the losses of Artest and Ming, but they still have plenty in the tank. Brooks, Landry, Battier, Ariza, and Scola are solid pieces and with McGrady's scoring should be enough for a playoff push.

9. LA ClippersBaron Davis, Marcus Camby, Chris Kamen, Eric Gordon, and Blake Griffin should be solid. Ricky Davis, Rasual Butler, and Telfair should be decent off the bench.  However, How will these players gel? What will the offense and Defensive schemes look like? If the team plays to potential they will fight for a playoof spot.

10. Phoenix SunsSteve Nash and Grant Hill have a little left in the tank. Defensively they are burned by younger faster players.  Will Amare stay and be healthy or be traded?  Richardson and Barbosa can shoot, but I question the team's Defense and age.

11. Golden State Warriors.    Will Stephen Jackson get traded?? With Maggette, Ellis, Azubuike, Beidrins, and Morrow the team can score. Adding another shooter in Stephen Curry makes them more lethal offensively. Ronnire Turiaf brings energy.  However, until they play defense they will continue to be an after thought.

Memphis Grizzlies.  Can Hasheem Thabeet bring a large defensive and offensive pressence to the middle? Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo can score. Marc Gasol is tough and provides desire. Zach Randolph is a cancer, but a double double machine. Will they play D and make a run? Tough saying with the west so solid.

13. Minnesota  TimberwolvesA healthy Big Al Jefferson will help this team improve. Love should be better. No Rubio is  one less player to help, but will Flynn or Ellington help? Gomes, Cardinel, Blount, and Hollins are solid role players for new coach Rambis.  Hopefully Rambis can bring a defensive and offensive scheme to this young team.

14. Oklahoma City Thunder  They are young and do not play Defense. They do have a nice threesome in Durant, Green, and Westbrook.

15.  Sacramento KingsKevin Martin and then they are in trouble. If they finish above last it is a moral victory.

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My Joy. My curse. Fenway Park.

I will preface this blog with the following info.  I am a Sox fan born and Bred.  I grew up in Fenway Park going easily 10 to 20 times a year.  However, as much as I love the Red Sox Fenway Park is becoming less and less a joy as the seasons mount.  I sat in the Bleachers one home stand.  I lived in the Bleachers as a kid and loved it.  The people were usually knowledgeable and funny.  Now a new breed of fan has invaded Fenway Park.  These people are a curse and should not be allowed in the ball park.  These people have turned it into more of a social outing then a social outing centered around watching a baseball game.  Here are a few of my obsevations and wonder if anyone else shares my opinion.

 I sit down in my seat and notice no one around me.  At about the third inning after Jacoby set the steals record these groups of people finally rolled into their seats.  The people to the right of me talked the whole game, not about baseball, but anything but. When I mean the whole game I mean without pause. A part of me was impressed.  The fans to the left from LA wearing Manny Ramirez gear needed a picture every inning. GREAT.  The people behind me were so drunk that during the pivotal point of the game with V Mart up with 2 out and the tying run on second they were trying to start the wave and missed the entire at bat.  Never mind the 6 to 7 innings they missed in the beer line. There were people hanging out talking in the aisle not paying any attention. Never mind the 500lb woman next to me half in my seat.  The airlines got it right you should have to pay for two seats and not squish someone else.

It is sad Fenway park is something that it should not be.  The owners were brilliant with there sweet Caroline luring a new audiance and revenue source, but these people ruin the experience for real fans.  I came to watch the game. If I wanted to get drunk and watch the game a few people at my house or a Bar is a lot cheaper. Also I think that these seats are being taken away from Fathers and sons and people that want to watch the game. Fenway will sellout irregardless.  I see the people that are shut out for face value pricess and see the people sitting in these seats not watching a minute of the game and probably have no idea who Ted Williams or even who  JD Drew is.  I enjoy Fenway, but I am hoping that some day the real fans will take back fenway park. Those people that care about the score that know what the game means in terms of the standings.  I guy can dream, but unfortunetly until a new Ball Park arrives with more seats, I will forever view this new crowd as people taking seats form someone that it would mean a lot more to.
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A much improved East

With the season just around the corner and fans in Boston with Championship dreams salavating, time to take a hard look at the East. This year's East is improved. A lot of teams added depth and appear healthy.  This makes the East very challenging.  Here is a look at each team. 60 plus wins will be a little harder as the mid range teams are capable on a good night of shocking some teams. These are also my rankings.

1. Boston Celtics.  The only question is health. The bench is by far the deepest with Baby, Daniels, Sheed, House, Giddens, and Walker.  This should give the Big Three a rest. Never mind if Garnett screaming in Sheldon Williams ear might awaken some potential.  With them not losing any coaches and adding talent they clearly have the edge. Rondo should continue to emerge and Perkins continuing improvement to compliment the Three that is a dominant starting five.  With no Garnett They won 62 games and pushed Orlando to 7.   Only health can stop them from reclaiming the Beast in the East title.

2. Orlando Magic.  This was a tough call.  I do not like the switch from Turk to Vince Carter, but they still have a great Defensive scheme centered around Howard.  Nelson being healthy will be key because without Hedo he will have to engineer the pick and roll offense that got Rashard Lewis open looks and Howard single coverage in the post. The team with Petrius and Reddick is loaded with shooters for their 3 point offense. The bench with Bass and Gortat is solid.  Still I do not like Vince in this mix, but he always gets his stats.

3. Cleveland Cavs.  The spector of will this be it for Lebron in Cleveland will effect the team.  They were also not able to lure the talent the other two teams ahead of them were. They lost their defensive guru to a head coaching job.  Moon and Parker will help the bench. I believe Powe is done (Hope I am wrong).   Shaq was a terrible move.  The aging slow footed Goliath will hinder Lebron's drives and Defensively he was a nonfactor for the past two years. To stop Howard they picked the wrong guy. Williams and West are nice complimentary players, but Cleveland again failed to sign a guy to run with Lebron. While the Celtics and Magic surrounded their star with other stars the Cavs failed again to do so and when Lebron runs out of gas in the playoffs again the end will be similar again.  

4. Miami Heat.  If Mike the Beast has his head on straight, Dwayne Wade has a running mate. O'Neal and Q Richardson will add some offensive punch.  Chalmers and Cook should be a little better with another season under their belts. The Defense can be suspect at times.  This team will not be an easy mark.

5. Atlanta Hawks.  Bibby, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Al Horford are a great unit.  Add Zaza Pachulia, Maurice Evans, and Marvin Williams and a veteran Joe Smith and this is a solid team.  The war between Josh Smith and Coach Woodson seems to hit the team every year. If they can all mix together this team could challenge for four or even three.

6. Washington WizardsCaron Butler is under rated.  The man can score.  Jamison, a healthy Arenas, and Randy Foye make this a dangerous offensive team.  Flip Saunders should be a decent coach, but will need to figure out a defensive scheme his players will buy into.  The bench with Mike Miller and Nic Young has some scoring. Easily the most improved team in terms of wins next year.

7. Toronto Raptors.  Turk was a great pick up.  He should help Bosh with a pick and pop offense. Jose Calderon is a solid PG. Andrea Bargnani  should be better with another year.  Jack was a nice addition, but they need some D and Bench help.

8. Chicago Bulls.  Rose is the real deal.  They lost Gordon, but still have Hinrich, Noah, Thomas,  Miller, Deng healthy, and Salmons.  Defense must be stressed and the outside shooting from Salmons and Hinrich must continue, but Rose is a stud that will drive the offensive engine.

9. Detroit Pistons. They got got Gordon and Charlie V.  Add that to Rip, Prince, Stuckey, and Maxiell and that is a solid team.  Their new coach stresses D and has great pieces to work with.  The Bench is weak and they are a new mix.  However, I would not be surprised to see them sneak in.

10. Philly Sixers.  Andre I is a machine.  The man can score.  If Elton Brand can be healthy and mix that is quite a 1 2 punch. Can Louis Williams take over for Andre Miller?? I think so. Thaddeus Young and Dalembert are not bad complimentary pieces, but the bench is awful and D is suspect. 

11. New Jersey NetsDevin Harris, Courtney Lee, Yi, Lopez and Alston are a nice mix.  The young players should play better with more shots now that Vince is gone. Lee is also a great Defender.  However, they do not have the talent to hang for a playoff spot.

12.  New York Knicks.  Team is full of question marks. David Lee??? Nate Robinson??? Sessions???  Mike D's style has never won a title and for all the points his teams score their D is terrible.  I do hope they get players and become a great team again.  Basketball is better when the Knicks and their passionate fans are involved with a winner.

13. Charlotte Bobcats.  Intriguing team.  Augustin, Raja Bell, Chandler, Diaw, Radmanovic, Wallace, Mohammed, and Felton running it is not bad. Gerald Henderson is an interesting rookie.  This mix with proper defense could be a decent team.  My guess is they have another year of growing pains and then if they gell they could fight for a playoff spot.

14.   Indiana PacersDanny Granger and then the roster confuses me.  What are they trying to do?? Dunleavy, Ford, Murphy, and Hibert are nice, but where is the scoring punch.  Jim O'Brien has great Defensive tough teams, but they need points.  Tyler Hansbrough could be a hard working solid scorer, but they have a lot of guys like that. Still there D will win them some games.

15. Milwaukee Bucks.  Bogut must be huge.  Redd is solid and Skiles is demanding.  However, the talent is thin and will not be a factor.
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Powe: Gone for the best

 I will say this. I will always respect Leon for the great playoff of 08.  Having watched Leon develope for three years, he always could score in the post or at least draw the foul. Defensively, he was undersized, but held his own and did little things like draw the charge. Great Bench player.  He was a gifted tough inside player off the bench. His story of raising his sbblings and over coming personal tragedy is awe inspiring. Without him the 08 title never happens. When the wretched Cleveland Lebrons... oops I mean Cavs come to town he will be the only one I give a standing ovation to.  Anyone who was in the Garden for Game two of the 08 finals where he dropped 20 points on LA and helped bring the total to only two victories away will be doing the same.  I wish him well and hope I am wrong about my next statement.  The man is done.  This is his THIRD major injury to his knee.  The man was undersized and drew the fouls because of his explosive first step.  It is not humanly possible to come back with the same speed and being undersized, he is destined to fail. It kills me to write this.
   I am hearing and reading a lot of backlash from people who follow basketball for the Celtics not taking care of Leon.  Danny Ainge's sole purpose is to make the Celtics the best possible team he can. That is his job. Basketball is a buisness.  This can lead to some cold things happening.  Yes, Leon gave his heart and sole to the team and he was great, but that is in the past.  Danny CAN NOT let emotion and personal sentiment for the past get in the way.  Why would Ainge tender a contract to a player coming off his third major injury?? Never mind the Celtics would not have him until half through the season at best. Danny had a chance to sign a possible talent in Sheldon Williams. He did. Now who knows, Maybe Garnett gets in his hear and he realizes his potential and becomes a player like Powe or better. The Celtics are driving for an 18th Banner and can not leave anything open to question.  Leon could have rehabbed and then signed with the team after. Ainge was only making sure Leon could help before giving him a valuable roster spot and doled out more of Wyc's dough.   No one gives Ainge credit for bringing him on by trading for him and giving him an oppertunity to play.  Everyone thought Leon was coming off an injury and undersized at his position. He would not be able to play in this league the scouts said.  Everyone, except Mr. Ainge felt that. It took a while for even Doc to be convinced the man could play a key bench role.  Ainge took a page out of the New England Patriots book.  Relish what the player did for you, thank him, but never forget the job at hand is to field the best team possible.  The Pats let go of a man whose leg twice won them a Super Bowl. However, his replacement (Stephen Gostkowski) actually put up better numbers then Adam Vinatieri. Heroes go and then new ones come.  In the I will never forget Leon and wish him well, but I will not say Ainge made the wrong call.  
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